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Polylang CLI

Polylang CLI

This assumes that you have cloned the repository locally, and built it as described in the Building Polylang section.

Suppose we have a contract representing an account:

contract Account {
    id: string;
    name: string;
    setName(newName: string) { = newName;

Suppose we have a sample record like so:

    "id": "id1",
    "name": "John"

We wish to change the value of the name field from "John" to "Tom" by invoking the setName function defined in the contract.

We can compile and run this contract using the Polylang CLI as explained next:

 $ cargo run --bin compile -- contract:Account function:setName <<< 'contract Account { id: string; name: string; function setName(newName: string) { = newName; } }' \
  | cargo run -p miden-run -- \
    --this-json '{ "id": "id1", "name": "John" }' \
    --advice-tape-json '["Tom"]'

A brief explanation of the command:

  • We compile the contract passing in the contract name (using the contract: marker) and the function of interest (using the function: marker) as well as the body of the contract itself.
  • The compilation step produces bytecode for the Miden VM as well as a Polylang specific ABI JSON text representing the processed contract.
  • We then pipe the output from the compilation step to the miden-run executable by passing in:
    1. the record input using the --this-json flag. In this case, it's a contract record containing two fields: id and name.
    2. the new value for the name field using the --advice-json flag.

This produces:

<extraneous output redacted>
this_json: {"id":"id1","name":"Tom"}

As we can see, the record has been updated, reflecting the name change:

    "id": "id1",
    "name": "Tom"

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